OctoTrade Co., Ltd. is located in Tokyo, Japan and specializes in the Online Sales and Marketing of innovative lifestyle products, design goods, gadgets, wellness items and more.

Inspired by the innovative spirit of Japanese manufacturers have we been bridging the gap between Japan and the rest of the world for over a decade, enabling buyers globally to purchase selected Japanese goods and receive them hassle-free to their doorsteps.

In cooperation with trendscouts we are researching on a daily basis new product ideas, inventions and product launches, to be always a step ahead of our competitors.


Mission Statement

* Staying at the pulse of time by constantly researching the latest trends in product developments.

* Offering a wide selection of the latest and most innovative products available in Japan.

* Constantly growing our network of partners and affiliates.

* Staying in touch and learning from our customers needs.

* Constantly exploring new areas and learning from the results.

* And above all: Enjoying what we do, while we do it.


Octo Trade Co., Ltd. is running the “Japan Trend Shop”, a niche boutique online store selling selected Japanese gadgets, beauty, lifestyle and design goods to a global audience.

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