Company Name: OctoTrade Co., Ltd.

Founded: October 17th, 2001 as a privately owned business

Date of incorporation: September 6th, 2007

Head Office: 2-17-8 Hanegi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0042, Japan

Founding capital: JPY 3 Mio

Turnover 2008: JPY 102 Mio

Turnover 2009: JPY 117 Mio

Turnover 2010: JPY 121 Mio

Number of staff: 6

Representative Director/CEO: Sven Kilian

Company Purpose:

* Online retail and wholesale trading of livingware, household goods, furniture, other indoor accessories, fashion goods, dolls, toys, play goods, precision equipments, electrical and electronic appliances, office machines (including computer and computer accessories), office equipment and supplies, Information systems, communications systems.

* Personnel service business, information collection business, analyzing business and outsourcing business as business support.

* Consulting Services in the fields of international cooperation activities.

* Investment in stocks in other companies with the aim to acquire and manage them.

* Any and all businesses related or incidental to each of the above items.

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